Brixham in the news

This is a page for occasional posts about the appearance of stories about Brixham in print, online, or other media, in ways which are relevant to the museum’s areas of interest, such as the history and culture of Brixham, or fishing and maritime matters, or anything else, closely connected to the town. If you notice anything which may fit here please contact the museum.

Lowic Farnham, skipper of the fishing boat Sanderling

‘I wish I’d voted to stay in’: Brixham fishers on the cost of Brexit
from The Guardian 01-11-2021
The views expressed are not quite as clear-cut as the headline suggests, but it’s a very interesting article about the impact of Brexit on Brixham’s fish trade, and clearly represents differences of experience and opinion.
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Brixham and the ghost ships of Tor Bay
from DevonLive 12-11-2021
An article about the inactive cruise ships stationed in Tor Bay during the pandemic and their connection to the people of Brixham.
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