Brixham Books and Bards

past event

Brixham Books and Bards took place at the museum from 1 to 3 June 2021.

The event was a great success, with many books launched, hundreds of live performances and many correctly-distanced and PPEd visitors. It marked the re-opening of the museum after a winter of COVID-19 restrictions. It included a new big-screen slideshow of Brixham images, historic and recent, which continues to be displayed in the Maritime Room.

Live performances: in-character solo pieces by local actors, directed by John Miles; Robert Garnham presenting his book Squidbox; and music from Maggie Duffy. Some of the performances were filmed to publicise the festival, and can be seen on the museum’s sound and vision page.

Books launched: Martin J Smith – A Town for Sail; John Scotney – Brixham, its History and its Place in History; Samantha Little – Brixham in 100 Poems; John Scotney – Brixham’s Mayflower; Samantha Little – Catching the Afterglow; Robert Garnham – Squidbox; and John Scotney – The King on the Quay. Buy them at the BHM online shop.

Brixham Books and Bards was supported by the Co-op Local Community Fund – many thanks for that, and to the people of Brixham who voted for the museum to receive support from the fund.

A press release was issued before before the event; it contains more detail, but some of it is outdated or otherwise incorrect. For background information only, as part of the museum’s history. The large image above is the poster for the event.