about the museum

Brixham Heritage Museum was founded in 1958.

The building it occupies was formerly a police station, built in 1902, with cells on the ground floor and a flat for the sergeant’s family on the second floor.

Brixham Heritage Museum, Bolton Cross, New Road, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 8LZ, UK
phone: 01803 856267
email: mail@brixhamheritage.org.uk
website: brixhammuseum.uk

Brixham Heritage Museum is a registered charity, number 306633

BHM collection: a selection shows 43 objects from the BHM collection, one for each year since the museum was founded in 1958

Q What is the purpose of Brixham Heritage Museum?

A To show the people of Brixham, its visitors, and the world, Brixham’s history and culture, and its place in world history.

Q I have a mobility disability – is it possible to visit the museum?

A Probably, but the museum’s displays include some on the first floor; there are no lifts so wheelchair access is very difficult. Even the ground floor displays are only accessible by steps, so you may need a physically active helper if you use a wheelchair or other mobility aids. We regret that there are problems about access to the museum to people with mobility disabilities, and we shall explore solutions.

Q I have an interesting object – would the museum like to acquire it for its collection?

A Possibly; if it has a direct connection to Brixham, and we have room to display or store it until we are able to make it part of our displays, we would be delighted to accept your donation. There are other considerations, so please read Donating objects to our collection and if the object fits our collection criteria then contact curator@brixhamheritage.org.uk.

Q What is BRXHM? Like BRXHM_6950 on the page BHM collection: a selection.

A This is a museological matter. BRXHM is the MDA code for Brixham Heritage Museum. MDA codes are maintained by the Collections Trust on behalf of UK museums. MDA codes form part of unique numbering systems which link museum objects to their organisations.
Examples: Torre Abbey Historic House and Gallery – TORAG, Tate – TATE, e.g. TATE_T02994, and Brixham Heritage Museum – BRXHM, e.g. BRXHM_6950.

It is appropriate to use the code as a prefix to BHM object numbers where the context is unclear or not obvious, or to save space by not explaining that a particular number identifies an object in the collection. There is a risk that the no-vowels look of BRXHM may appear to be an attempt to be trendy; however BHM did not choose its code so we are off that hook. On the other hand, it may be seen as edgy and au courant and get the museum lots of cred, and props, etc.; nice. BHM is lucky to have a cool MDA code. Old Gaol Museum, Buckingham – BUMOG, Watersmeet House, Lynmouth – NTWAT, and Torre Abbey Historic House and Gallery – TORAG are not so fortunate.