Risk Assessment Guidance for Educational Group Visits

As the needs of every group are different, group leaders will need to complete their own risk assessments for each visit. To assist with this, we will provide guidelines which can be used to inform a full assessment. The following information will help you to prepare your visit to Brixham Heritage Museum so that it runs as safely and smoothly as possible.

Planning Visits

We encourage all group leaders to make themselves familiar with the museum prior to the booking date so that you can assess any potential risks to yourself, both in our building and on your journey to us. If you contact the museum in advance, we can ensure a member of staff is available to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

Brixham Heritage Museum was originally built and used as a police station. It was not designed to be a museum. All efforts have been made to ensure that the public areas are safe for schools and other visitors.

The building has many narrow staircases. There are handrails. We do not recommend any over taking on the staircases to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

The museum is on three floors and can be disorientating. There needs to be close supervision with a high ratio of adults to children to prevent a child becoming lost/separated from the group.

Minimum staff to pupil ratio:

  • Foundation stage – 1:3
  • Key stage 1 – 1:6
  • Key stage 2 – 1:6
  • Key stage 4 – 1:15
  • Post – 16 AS/A2 – 1:15
  • SEND – 1:5

Please provide your own first aider. All first- aid incidents need to be recorded so inform a member of the museum staff (wearing lanyard) if anyone requires assistance due to illness or injury. You can request a copy of this report.

Group leaders will need to assess the artefacts that the museum is providing for handling. Are all of them appropriate for your group of children? Or should they be shown to the pupils by an adult?

There is a loud alarm that can be activated in the World War shelter area. Please be aware of any child or adult in your group who is a refugee from a war zone.

Our building is fitted with an alarm system and emergency exits are clearly marked. There is a wide footpath in front of the museum and to the left towards the theatre. Please decide on your assembly point prior to your visit. Please do not stop to take your register until you are at your Assembly Point outside the museum.

Before your visit, discuss appropriate conduct with your students. If the behaviour of anyone in your group adversely affects the safety or enjoyment of other visitors or staff, or risks damage to exhibits, we may ask this person to leave. We recommend you have contingency measures in place, just in case.

We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable visit to Brixham Heritage Museum, and we look forward to welcoming you.